This December scripture union independent schools (SUIS) will be running its annual summer camp at Emseni camp sight on the banks of the Tugela river.

The theme of the camp is I AM, and this poem by David Bowden powerfully captures the heart of the camp’s teaching.

My hope in sharing it with you here is that as you listen to David’s words you would find yourself as inspired as I have been. Regardless of who you are or where you are, as you watch this, let your heart be lifted from the the troubles of a world that sometimes feels like its falling apart to the reality of the God who is far greater than everything that weighs you down.

In spite of what you have heard to the contrary, this God is real.
He loves you and in your weakness His desire is to revive your soul. 

Much Love


“The struggle for us as christians is that we live so much of our life in ourselves and it seems to suddenly eclipse all we have in Christ.”

In this great presentation by Judah Smith on the miracle of the Gospel we are reminded that…

“The power has always been in Christ.”

Be encouraged and empowered today.

Much Love




“Sin is humanity curved in on it’s self”
Martin Luther

As people we have a tendency to make things about us. We seek our own end in almost everything: relationships, achievements and indeed in our spirituality and worship. The question that dominates our lives and our world is one of personal satisfaction.

 Ironically the more we seek our own satisfaction the less we are satisfied.

This is because “satisfaction” is not what we actually desire. It is only the fruit of what we actually desire.

The reason we chase after satisfaction is because  we have misinterpreted that deep, fundamental desire which is central to every individual: the desire to be human.

And what is it to be human? Speaking from a biblical perspective, human beings are made in the image of God. Thus when our selfish pursuit of satisfaction compromises our ability to be God like/Christ Like, we are not human. We are less than human.

The work of redemption is to return us to our humanity: to make us like God.

And what is God. God is many things, but in addressing the issue of satisfaction C.S Lewis points us to a powerful truth in saying that “God is selfless by definition, with everything to give and nothing to receive.”

 Thus to be truly human is (at least in part) to be selfless.

Must we stop pursuing satisfaction to become human?
Is that even possible?
What if the problem is not with our desire but rather where we seek fulfilment?

Perhaps the question of satisfaction is a God-given one. Perhaps God inspired the question to lead us to the answer. Perhaps the answer is worship: that posture of the heart, which is “bent out” toward God. That place where we are least about ourselves and most consumed with the wonder of who He is, what He has done and what He is doing.

 Perhaps the road to humanity begins with Awe.

Much love

Make every effort

I found this message by Francis Chan so helpful.

A beautiful reminder of who we are in Jesus with very practical steps to help us live that out.

I hope it encourages you.

Much Love

Take me to the ocean


Take me to the ocean. Take me to that place where giants shake the earth. Where thunderous waves rise like mountains from the deep, relentless, effortless and strong.

Take me there and I will tell you who I am.

 I am small and weak, a mere man amidst giants. I am afraid, but fear will not control me.

It is there, staring up at towering walls of water, that I realise what matters most… I am here, now, in this moment. I am at the mercy of the ocean and it is no respecter of persons.

 I am not safe, secure or sane but I am alive.

Pipe, Supers, Magnas and Vic-bay. To some these are just names, places on a map. To others they are battlefields, sacred spaces where courage is forged, places where surfers are born.

I am new to the world of surfing. I’m not even sure that what I do can be called surfing. But I have known what it is to glide over the waters with nothing between you and the deep blue but fiberglass and foam. And there, heart beating in my chest, sea spray in my face, seemingly at one with the ancient sea, everything fades away and all that exists is the moment.

 Out there with the waves I am free.

Over the past week I have had the privilege of paddling out into what are arguably some of the best surf spots in South Africa. I have been battered and bruised and liberated by a power beyond my control. I have shared the water with dolphins and otters, been silenced by the rising sun on the distant horizon and floated at peace on the tides that come from places unknown.

In it all I have been convinced of a wonderful truth.

 We will not know the freedom of the ocean without leaving the waves_ireland_underwater_rileysfamiliarity of the shore.

What is your beach? What is your ocean? Face your fear, find your courage, get into the deep waters where you are far from safe but fully alive.

Much Love

Those who walk tall

There is a fire that burns in the heart of those known and deeply loved by one who has given a crown to the wretched and called them sacred.

Love calls us by a new name. In Him we are not what we once were. We are a new.

In a world of burdened souls, we are those who walk tall

If you know this love, may this song inspire you to greater depths of intimacy. This is eternal life, that we would know God and the one whom He sent into the world.

If hope is elusive under the weight of a broken world. May you find the courage to open the eyes of your heart and see the gift of life waiting for you in every moment.

May you rise from where you have fallen and live in the freedom to be found in redemption.

Much Love