There is no God…

The light

“How do you believe in God?”

Is a question I’m often asked.

Honestly, I believe in God in the same way that others do not. Through faith.

“faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” Hebrews 11:1

The idea that some of us are “people of faith” while others are not is a false ideology.

We cannot prove the existence of God in the same way that we cannot prove the absence of God.

All of us must decide what we believe about God without the luxury of absolute proof.

Those who believe in God and those who do not, exercise faith to make this decision. 

Perhaps this is why so many people adopt an agnostic position. Choosing to distance themselves from the problem of belief with a generous dose of indifference.

I find it fascinating that so many of us have enough faith to drive a car without checking the brakes, but not enough to decide what we believe about God.

With that said, perhaps a better question is not how but why.

Why do I believe in God?

When I consider the infinite complexity of our world and the universe in which it spins. When I stand amazed at the wonder of the human body and the mystery of the human heart. When I hear a thousand birds singing the sun to sleep as children laugh in the distance and the moon covers the ground with a thin silver blanket. I simply can’t arrive at any other conclusion than to believe in God.

I know that there are those with enough faith to attribute the miracle of creation to chance and circumstance. Fortunately or unfortunately I am not one of those people.

I only have enough faith to arrive at the most reasonable conclusion.

When I am silenced by a sunset, in that moment, it is more reasonable for me to believe that someone placed it in the sky than it is to believe that coincidence created something so undeniably beautiful.

Much Love






When all else fails. The gift of limitation

mountJust outside the town of Winterton, rich in history and beauty, is the lesser-known wonder of Spioenkop Mountain. Every year, mountain bike enthusiasts from far and wide gather here to enjoy some of the best single track in the country.

I am new to mountain biking. “Picking a line” and “gear selection” are not familiar terms. Yet for all that I do not know, of this I am certain. 

One does not simply ride up a mountain.

When it comes to physical activity I have always had a simple philosophy; “Dig deep, get it done.”(Put that on a poster). Recently this philosophy failed.

 Sometimes, regardless of how deep we dig or how hard we push, we simply don’t have what it takes.

I was reminded of this while barely moving up the ninety-degree incline that leads to the top of Spioenkop. I challenged gravity in a battle of the will. Gravity won.

Of course we don’t like failure. It is not the stuff of inspirational movies or motivational talks. But it is the stuff of life. Limitations are real, more than that they are essential. Bringing moments of clarity to a world of misplaced confidence.

 Limitations deliver us from illusions of grandeur. Illusions of deity.

Staring up at the sky with my bike on top of me, and my pride behind me, it was hard to deny that the hill was steeper than I was strong. Shaking off humiliation and embracing humility I lifted myself to my feet. Breathing in the moment I took notice of where I was.

The sun danced on the waters of the Tugela as it cut a course through the valley far below my feet. Thousands of trees filled the hills that rolled endlessly to the horizon. They waited at attention, moved only by the wind that stirred their leaves and creaked their branches. Suddenly reverence settled on me like a blanket.

Bike“Somebody made this!”

This mountain that so easily conquered me had been conquered by another. It had been bent to the will and desire of one who does not know my limitations.

Suddenly I knew the truth. “There is a God and I am not Him.” Suddenly all was right with the world.

Limitations are real, more than that they are essential

Much love

Thoughts on becoming less.


Celebrities. They are everywhere. From Hollywood to Bollywood to Nollywood. Industries are built on the fame of a few and the envy of many.

We update our statuses and Instagram our lives. We fake indifference but secretly hope to be “liked”, “shared” and “tagged”.

Sadly, I am as guilty of this as anyone. Much of my life has been wasted trying to win the praise of others. I have no idea why. Fame is fickle. It is fleeting and rarely satisfies beyond the moment. It over promises and under delivers. And yet, I chase it. Time and time again.

Thankfully a truth is setting me free. Four simple words are showing me the foolishness of my pursuit, reminding me of my place in this world. 


Emphatic, urgent and joyful in his proclamation John, faced with the decline of his own fame, speaks words that press themselves into my heart. HE must become more, but I must become less.” John 3: 30.

If we could follow John on Instagram I doubt we would find many “selfies” or subtly boastful statuses. 

Infact we might lose interest seeing the same picture over and over again. I imagine that every lens in his hands would have been pointing in the same direction; at the person of Jesus.

I have not written a blog post for some time now. I have been struggling with the implications of this truth, asking some honest questions and listening for God’s leading.

In the process I have come to believe a few simple things.

My face does not belong on book covers, DVD covers or billboards of any kind (Not only for aesthetic reasons). My worth is not found in likes, tags, shares or any other kind of public approval. My life is best used to make much of Jesus, I must become less.

I will keep writing, creating and sharing because He must become more.

Imagine this blog as a lens. With God’s help, I will keep it pointed at Christ. I will not be checking stats, watching likes or counting followers. I pray that every post would awaken those who read it to the wonder of Jesus.

Much Love

Set a fire

Listening to this song this morning I was reminded of the power of raw, uncomplicated passion before God.

I am a thinker, a searcher by nature. This is not a bad thing. But there are moments when I put that aside and allow myself to be overwhelmed by the consuming fire that is our God.

His is a Love that is not easily understood or adequately explained. But it can be experienced.

If this is able to stir a fire within you. I would be glad to have shared it.

Much Love

Appropriate smallness


I close my eyes and I can still see it.

Endless Mountain peeks scraping a flawless blue sky, crystal streams flowing over rock after rock in the deep valleys that carve their way to the horizon.

I can hear the birds, too many to count. I can feel the stillness, as rare as it is calming. I breath in deeply for a moment as the breeze runs accross my face and remember a beautiful truth.

Someone made this.

There is one who called the mountains to their heights and spoke the valleys to their depths.

With just a whisper He caused the rivers to flow, a mere thought and birds burst into existence. There in the stillness, before the beginning, He breathed out life and my heart started beating.

Standing in the shadow of the Drakensberg mountains with nothing but a backpack, a river to follow and the hope of a cave to spend the night has a way of putting things into perspective.

Staring up at the blatant perfection that God alone inspires, I found myself overwhelmed by an appropriate smallness, humbled and in awe I was reminded…

There is a God, I am not Him.Me and the mountain

I forget this. Confusing the temporary with the eternal, I invest what little life I have in things of little consequence.

I get caught up in the “grandeur of me” until, in a moment of aweful, wonderful clarity I come to the end of myself.

There, in that moment, I have a choice.

More of me or more of Him.

The one who called me into existence at the first calls me still. He invites me to lose my life and find it. To consider the stars, marvel at a sunset, tremble at the lightning and whisper in wonder,”Who am I that you are mindful of me?”

There in that place, where He is God and I am not, I am most fully myself, I am most fully alive.

Join me.

Much Love
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